AFS is a supplier of pipe valves and fittings for production facilities including on-site
inventoried trailers.

We also do
in-shop repairs on
Liquid Level Controls
Diaphragm Operated Motor Valves
Pressure Regulators
Pressure Sensors
Pressure Recorders
Chemical Pumps

Atlas manufactures new ASME Code pressure vessels of various sizes and working

Repairs/alterations of
pressure vessels are also performed at this location and extended
for field repairs and/or alterations controlled by this location.

All new and/or repaired pressure vessels are registered with the
National Board of
Pressure Vessel Inspectors.
See our Oilfield Production / Process Equipment page to check out new or reconditioned, onshore or
ASME code or non code separators, scrubbers, heaters, and dehydrators manufactured by Atlas
Products, Inc.  Acadiana offers an entire line of
oilfield fittings, supplies and valves.
Acadiana Fittings & Supply, Inc.
Acadiana Fittings &
Supply, Inc.
Atlas Products, Inc.
Atlas Products, Inc.